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Listing & Transactional Services


  • Credit card information from the Agent
  • Copy of the executed contract
  • Title, Lender & Agent contact information

Under Contract Process: 

  • Complete the Green Sheet and turn in to Broker along with the Contract
  • Recap parties involved in the Transaction
  • Scan & Email Contract, Recap & MLS printout to Agent and Title Company
  • Scan & Email Contract, Recap & MLS printout to Lender (Buyer's side)
  • Order PR & CC&Rs from Title and email/fax to Agent (it is 
    Agent's responsibility to interpret the PR & CC&Rs for the client)
  • Request notice of the Appraisal ordered from the Lender (Buyer's side)
  • Order Home Warranty (if applies)
  • Change Status on the MLS (Seller's side)
  • CC Agent on all emails concerning the contract
  • Once contract is closed return complete file to Agent

Contract Deadlines: 

  • Enter Contract Deadlines into Outlook & invite Agent to the event
  • Remind Agent via email/phone call prior to Contract Deadlines

    Order Home Inspection (if requested)

    Follow up with Lender (Buyer's side)

    Loan Denial
    Follow up with Lender to make sure all is well with loan (Buyer's side)

    Settlement Deadline
    Help coordinate/schedule Settlement
    Follow up with Title that they have received the Loan docs (Buyer's side)
    Request HUDs to be emailed/faxed to Agent prior to Settlement

Listing Process:

  • Enter listing onto the MLS
  • Upload photos onto the MLS if provided by the Agent
  • Turn listing into the Broker
  • Order Title & CC&Rs from Title Co.
  • Maintain listing (Agents responsible for completing Change Forms)